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Usage Notice of Potentiometer(2)

Influence of mounting method:

1.       when the potentiometer is fixed onto the board by nut, be careful when tightening the nut. The  tightening torque should not be too high to prevent damaging the screw thread.

2.       When screw is needed for mounting shell type sliding potentiometer ,avoid screws of excessive length, otherwise the movement of the sliding bar may be hindered even the potentiometer be damaged.

3.       Don’t exert too much force on terminals during soldering or mounting , otherwise ,poor contact even mechanical damage may be found. Avoid bending terminals back and forth because the terminal may break due to two circles of bending or more.

4.       When assemble the knob ,don’t exert over axial pushing force on the shaft. The force must not exceed the shaft pushing force set in Specification Table.

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